France - Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Dordogne

3ha of wooded land with 3 fishing lakes

Leisure property of just under 3ha of wooded land with three fishing lakes. Two are closed waters (and so can be fished at any time) and the third is open (so fishing licence needed and can only be fished in season and not at night).

There is a small cabin on the third lake with a jetty onto the lake but I expect it will be derelict by now.

I haven't used the property for 7 years now so the tracks around the lakes will need clearing (so I've put bad condition for that reason).

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carp and perch in the lakes.

My ex husband was the fisherman and chose this property because the lakes are spring fed and were full even when all others we saw were half empty in the drought year in which we were searching. Each lake is private from the others so it would be a good bet for starting a camping/fishing business if you didn't want to keep it to yourself.

There is a bar/restaurant very close. Nearest shops are 8km in either direction. The property is located between 24450 La Coquille and 24800 Thiviers. Less
Property details
Property reference: PS347756
Location/Address: Maison-Rouge, 24800 Chalais, Dordogne, France
Property type: Residential Property
Property subtype: Other
Swap Value Range: €85,000 - €58,000
Swap country: United Kingdom
Number of rooms:0
Purchase year:2005
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:Bad
Description:I've put bad because the tracks will need clearing since they haven't been driven over for 7 years.
Owner / Vendor username: Charr (#37)
Language by owner / vendor:English (UK)

  • Property Location: Country
  • Shop/Restaurants: 1 km
  • Medical Facility: 8 km
  • Public Transport: 8 km
  • Airport: 50 km
  • Nearest Airport: Limoges

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine Dordogne

Swap country: United Kingdom

Swap Value Range:
€85,000 - €58,000
  • Residential Property

  • Other

  • 0 rooms

  • 0 bedrooms

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Swap Value Range:
€85,000 - €58,000
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