United States - Maryland - Frederick County

Swapping my beautiful townhouse in urbana MD

I have a beautiful 4 bedrooms and 3.4 bathrooms and looking to swap for a single family house. The house was build in 2009. The entire floor is wood and the basement is a separate unit with one full bathroom, bedroom and a living room.

Property details
Property reference: PS7817141
Location/Address: Tabard Place, Urbana, Frederick, MD 21704, USA
Property type: Residential Property
Property subtype: Townhouse
Swap Value Range: €515 - €505,000
Swap country: United States
Floor:Townhouse has 2 stories and a basement.
Number of stories:2
Number of rooms:4
Build year:2009
Purchase year:2019
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:Very good
Owner / Vendor username: Tarjan (#211)
Language by owner / vendor:English (US)

  • Property Location: Other
  • Shop/Restaurants: 1 km

United States Maryland Frederick County

Swap country: United States

Swap Value Range:
€515 - €505,000
  • Residential Property

  • Townhouse

  • 4 rooms

  • 4 bedrooms

  • 2 m2

  • Outside Space : Balcony
  • Area : Near park
  • Other : The urbana schools and shopping centers are within walking distance.
Desired Property

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United States - Maryland - Urbana

Looking for a single family house in urbana or ijamsville

I have a townhouse, must see, and I want to upsizd and buy a single family house. I like urbana and I want to say in the same neighborhood.

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Swap Value Range:
€515 - €515
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