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Panama City - Bayfront tower - luxury Condo

Comfortable apartment, placed on the top of a building in the very city center. One of the well-known streets of the capital, in the near vicinity of the city center with a number of coffee shops and restaurants. The street is located at only a few minutes walking distances from Cinta Costera and Casco Viejo. The apartment is a superstructure loft and it represents a comfortable residential space. It consists of a spacious living room with a dining area, a kitchen, a bedroom Read More
with a bathroom. The interior is fully renovated, abundant with light, and pleasant. It is furnished in a minimalistic manner, has air-conditioning and modern lighting.

Bayfront Tower is located right at the beginning of the Cinta Costera. By far, one of the most visited places in Panama City and Panama overall. It draws people from all over to get outdoors, exercise, or just take a long stroll. Given your location, you are just minutes from Casco Antiguo where you will find many restaurants, churches, and places to dance throughout the night. Just minutes from Punta Pacifica, Bayfront Tower is very close to Multicentro which would give you access to one of the largest shopping centers in the city.
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Property Details
Property Reference:PS130479
Location/Address:Bayfront Tower, Panama City, Panama
Property Type:Residential Property
Property subtype:Apartment/Condo
Swap Value Range:300,638 - 292,049
Owner / Vendor username:PanamaCity (#91)
Swap country:United States
Built size:100 m2
Plot/ground size100 m2
Number of stories:22
Number of rooms:2
Build year:2007
Purchase year:2007
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:New
Language by owner / vendor:English (UK)
Swap country:United States

  • Property Location: City
  • Medical Facility: 1 km
  • Airport: 5 km
  • Nearest Airport: PTY

Panama Panama Panama

Swap country: United States

Swap Value Range:
300,638 - 292,049
  • Residential Property

  • Apartment/Condo

  • 2 rooms

  • 1 bedrooms

  • 100 m2

  • 100 m2 Plot/ground size

  • Features
  • Garage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Sauna
  • Outside Space : Balcony
  • Area : Front line beach
  • Other : ocean front
  • Key Features
  • ocean views
    roof top

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  • Residential Property
  • Apartment/Condo
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