Turkey - Antalya - Alanya

single private villa own pool

this is 4 floor villa with beautiful view to the beach and all 360 view.this is new and small things need to be finished inside,marble stone all on floor marmar,and small side stone on wall out side,and private garage and private pool,fully private,this area are mostly own by european ,3 km to beach of kargicak,i am planning to swap or sale,open minded to see,

Property details
Property reference: PS839040
Location/Address: Kargıcak, Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
Property type: Residential Property
Property subtype: Villa/Single family house
Swap Value Range: €245,000 - €245,000
Swap country: Denmark
Floor:all is one villa
Number of stories:4
Number of rooms:5
Build year:2016
Structural remodel year:2018
Purchase year:0
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:New
Description:nearly finished small things need to be done inside,
Owner / Vendor username: Nik12 (#27)

  • Property Location: Other
  • Medical Facility: 3 km
  • Airport: 20 km
  • Nearest Airport: gazipasa alnya antalya

Turkey Antalya Alanya

Swap country: Denmark

Swap Value Range:
€245,000 - €245,000
  • Residential Property

  • Villa/Single family house

  • 5 rooms

  • 6 bedrooms

  • 400 m2

  • Plot/ground size

  • Garage
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outside Space : Garden
  • Area : Near beach
Desired Property

The owner of the above property is looking to swap with a property with the below profile(s).


any villa house ,farm with land,I am open to any country europe ,canada ,

I am open minded to see the new place to exchange ,if buys want o pay some cash on top also an option,also if someone want o get 2 houses and exchange with bigger place i am also open minded to see

One-on-One Swap
No cash required

Swap Value Range:
€245,000 - €245,000
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