France - Nouvelle-Aquitaine - Charente

Charentaise village house

3 bedroomed village house with extra space on the second floor.

Oak fitted kitchen with range with gas hob, electric warming plate and electric ovens, built in fridge/freezer.

Godin woodburner in salon, oil central heating (electric chauffe eau to switch to when preferred). 450m2 plot with house footprint being 55m2 and attached barn of approx 40m2 footprint (with a first floor).

Bathroom with double sinks, shower over bath. Separate WC.

Fosse septique is only 1500l so that will Read More
need upgrading. Normally it has to be done within a year or you have to pay an annual fine of around 37€. Less

Property Details
Property Reference:PS508454
Location/Address:16310 Le Bourg, Le Lindois, France
Property Type:Residential Property
Property subtype:Country Property
Swap Value Range:95,000 - 72,000
Owner / Vendor username:Charr (#37)
Swap country:United Kingdom
Built size:110 m2
Plot/ground size450 m2
Number of stories:2
Number of rooms:5
Build year:1895
Purchase year:2005
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:Regular
Language by owner / vendor:English (UK)
Swap country:United Kingdom

  • Property Location: Country
  • Shop/Restaurants: 2 km
  • Medical Facility: 14 km
  • Public Transport: 14 km
  • Airport: 58 km
  • Nearest Airport: Limoges

France Nouvelle-Aquitaine Charente

Swap country: United Kingdom

Swap Value Range:
95,000 - 72,000
  • Residential Property

  • Country Property

  • 5 rooms

  • 3 bedrooms

  • 110 m2

  • 450 m2 Plot/ground size

  • Features
  • Garage

Desired Property

The owner of the above property is looking to swap with a property with the below profile(s).

United Kingdom

UK would be good but anywhere considered

Somewhere I can let for income or use as a holiday home Can add cash if it's interesting enough and depending upon fees involved

One-on-One Swap
No cash required

Swap Value Range

95,000 - 72,000

  • Residential Property
  • Apartment/Condo
  • United Kingdom

This Property is Owned by Charr (#37)

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