United Kingdom - England - Greater London

Widebeam canalboat on residential Mooring

Stunning widebeam 59 x 12 canalboat on ta private island on the Thames on residential mooring.

Boat is valued at 200k looking to swap for a property anywhere of interest.

The boat is pristine and fully equipped ready to move into.

Property Details
Property Reference:PS389685
Location/Address:London, UK
Property Type:Residential Property
Property subtype:Other
Swap Value Range:2,205 - 220,458
Owner / Vendor username:Paul92 (#97)
Swap country:New Zealand
Number of rooms:0
Purchase year:0
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:
Language by owner / vendor:English (UK)
Swap country:New Zealand

  • Nearest Airport: Heathrow

United Kingdom England Greater London

Swap country: New Zealand

Swap Value Range:
2,205 - 220,458
  • Residential Property

  • Other

  • 0 rooms

  • 0 bedrooms

  • Features
  • Outside Space : other

Desired Property

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New Zealand

Will consider all

Will consider all locations

Upgrade Swap
This swapper can add cash for a bigger/more valued property

Max. cash available: 20,000

Swap Value Range

22,205 - 2,205

  • Residential Property
  • No preference
  • New Zealand