Germany - Rheinland-Pfalz - Mittelstrimmig

Country Pub, Guesthouse, Restaurant, Modern Accommodation . Huge potential in tourist area.

The picturesque village of Mittelstrimmig is situated in the Hunsruck district, set in rolling hills and forests.
Only 20 minutes from Hahn airport and 1.30hrs from Luxembourg or Frankfurt airports.
Tourism in the nearby townships of Zell and Cochem is thriving (15&30min) set on the banks of the Mosel river and is reknown for its steep vineyards and castles.
Mittelstrimmig is located on a popular motorcycle scenic route and is only one hour from the famous Nurburgring.
The guest house comprises Read More
a basement with oil and wood furnaces in the basement and radiators in every room.
A restaurant and commercial kitchen along with the quaint pub seating 50 that was in operation up until 2018.
It only closed because of a damp wall problem at one end. To reopen action must be taken to remedy this, and is well underway.
Upstairs the accommodation has been modernized with 5 bedrooms and two bathrooms. High ceilings are a feature and the property has a light and airy feel to it. All windows upstairs and down are double-glazed. The upstairs kitchen has been modernized and there is a dining room off the kitchen which is accessed from the main hallway for guests. The wide wooden staircase leads up to a large attic via a fire door and comprises two more bedrooms with power and lighting and is heated by the wood furnace in the basement. The attic is unrenovated as it has been used for storage.
It has the potential for further accommodation and overlooks the village square.
The yard behind is accessed from a cobblestone side lane off the main street and is 80% covered in pathing stones making it a low-maintenance property.
The roof is in very good condition having been replaced approx 10 years ago and the building has been recladded on 3 sides at the same time, with only the back remaining to do. The backyard has a single-car garage and an under-house storage room.
A recent inclusion has been a large galvanized staircase/fire escape accessed from the upstairs kitchen via the roof of the hotel's public toilets.
This roof space has the potential for a large winter room which the plans have already drawn up.
There is also a very well-maintained, 4.5ton 7.5m Hymer B694 motorhome offered with the property. This vehicle is valued at an additional 20k over the property value and can be added or deleted with the swap. There is also a 4x4 Hyundai Santa Fe in good order if required.
We are interested in any swap in any English-speaking country. All offers considered. Less
Property details
Property reference: PS9036186
Location/Address: Hauptstraße 28, Mittelstrimmig, Germany
Property type: Residential Property
Property subtype: Villa/Single family house
Swap Value Range: €120,000 - €100,000
Swap country: Ireland
Number of stories:2
Number of rooms:21
Build year:1920
Structural remodel year:2012
Purchase year:2020
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:Good
Description:As with most older buildings, some ongoing work is required, but it is very comfortable living
Owner / Vendor username: Wishuwell (#298)
Language by owner / vendor:English (UK)

  • Property Location: Country
  • Shop/Restaurants: 5 km
  • Medical Facility: 5 km
  • Public Transport: 01 km
  • Airport: 22.2 km
  • Nearest Airport: Hahn

Germany Rheinland-Pfalz Mittelstrimmig

Swap country: Ireland

Swap Value Range:
€120,000 - €100,000
  • Residential Property

  • Villa/Single family house

  • 21 rooms

  • 7 bedrooms

  • 500 m2

  • Garage
  • Outside Space : other
  • Area : Country side
Desired Property

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All properties considered including renovation required

Sea, lake, or country view is desirable, but we would consider any offer. Power and water connection would be a must, and telephone reception

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Swap Value Range:
€120,020 - €120,000
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This Property is Owned by Wishuwell (#298)

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