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Are you having trouble selling your real estate?

If so, it could be due to a slowing economy, declining real estate market, or awkward market-entry timing. Other people around the globe are dealing with the problem; you’re not alone. Permanent property swapping is a new trend in real estate transactions that replaces traditional buy/sell. Instead of waiting for someone to buy your property, you could already have it off your hands by now with a permanent property exchange. Forget selling; swap instead.


What makes property swapping better?

Swapping real estate instead of selling it is better because you remove the hassle of working with a broker, waiting for months to close a deal, and losing precious value the longer it sits on the market. Swapping means your current home or property retains all its value during the trade, and you won’t have to pay hefty purchasing expenses on your new home; you only pay the tax. Stop wasting another year of not selling your house. Swap now!


Is swapping your property legal?

Yes, property swapping is completely legal as long as both parties take proper legal measures. To make a permanent property swap happen, you and the other property owner will need the assistance of a lawyer and a notary. These legal advisors will make sure the property swap is completed legally, safely, and fairly for everyone involved. To make it easy, PropertySwap has a team of legal advisors ready and waiting to help you through the process. Simply choose an advisor from our portfolio and get started.

Do you represent a notary, law, or tax firm? Offer your services on and sign-up to become the first legal swap advisor in your jurisdiction(s).


This is how Propertyswap works

How to realize a permanent property swap?

Sign up for a free one-month trial membership, with limited functionality,

Show the world the property that you offer to swap. After one month, sign up for the paid membership with full functionality.

Want to Communicate with other Swappers and Legal Swap Advisors?

All paid members can chat with any property owner and legal advisor instantly.

View and Visit Properties

View properties online in our swap portfolio, arrange an in-person visit and then negotiate swapping terms with the other property owner.

Get Legal Advice

Consult with your legal advisor to prepare for a safe, fair, and legal property ownership exchange

Swap Properties

Finalize the deal, close the two purchase deeds, and become the new owner of each other’s real estate.

Membership Plans

Choose your plan and start swapping now!

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Free trial period during the first month 1 month for free € 100 € 250
Membership duration 1 month 1 year 1 year
Maximum number of properties to publish 2 2 5
View of property details Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Upload number of photos 30 30 30
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