Thailand - นครราชสีมา - อำเภอปากช่อง

Please contact me regarding your interest for property swap for a large 12ensuite bedroom Resort on a hillside popular gated development in the fastest growing local and international tourist due to mountain landscapes and rated with best air quality and a almost completed billion dollar project fast train 30 mins directly from Bangkok and 1-1.5hr drive.

The house consist of two buildings house with two different styles one is rock cabin and one a modern traditional thai style built under 5 years Read More
connected by a hand sculpted bridge by a famous artist and both using buildings uses teak wood from 3.5 meter wooden doors and frames. They are approximately 15-20 parking spaces around the property and 6 private spaces. The property total of 1,600 square meters. The total usable sqm area is approximately 1000 sqm of indoor space and 500 sqm of usable out door spaces.

The valuation of the property is around €3-€4m, which the property generates approximately €6,000-€10,000 monthly. Less
Property details
Property reference: PS5394177
Location/Address: Phu Hin Suay Resort, Nong Nam Daeng, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Property type: Residential Property
Property subtype: Country Property
Swap Value Range: €3,000,000 - €2,500,000
Swap country: United Kingdom
Number of stories:3
Number of rooms:15
Structural remodel year:2017
Purchase year:2012
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:Very good
Description:Very good condition with potential to extend for more usable living space
Owner / Vendor username: Krit33 (#408)

  • Property Location: Country
  • Shop/Restaurants: 1 km
  • Medical Facility: 1 km
  • Public Transport: 1 km
  • Airport: 5 km
  • Nearest Airport: Bangkok international Airport
  • Other: Direct fast train new built directly from Bangkok.

Thailand นครราชสีมา อำเภอปากช่อง

Swap country: United Kingdom

Swap Value Range:
€3,000,000 - €2,500,000
  • Residential Property

  • Country Property

  • 15 rooms

  • 12 bedrooms

  • 950 m2

  • Plot/ground size

  • Garage
  • Outside Space : Garden
Desired Property

The owner of the above property is looking to swap with a property with the below profile(s).

United Kingdom - England - London

Beautiful 12 bedroom Thailand resort swap for UK and EU.

I am hoping to make a swap for properties in the London or in any countries within the EU that is in the city area.

Downgrade Swap
This swapper wants to receive cash for a smaller/less valued property

Swap Value Range:
€2,500,000 - €1,150,000
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