Puerto Rico - Santa Isabel - Descalabrado

3 bedroom and 1 bath, concrete house walking distance to the beach

3 bedroom and 1 bath concrete home with carr garage and sheds in the back for chicken, ducks and rabbits etc

Property Details
Property Reference:PS0045195
Location/Address:Playita Cortada, Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico
Property Type:Residential Property
Property subtype:Villa/Single family house
Swap Value Range:94,486 - 64,422
Owner / Vendor username:Josediaz (#315)
Swap country:Puerto Rico
Built size:1,500 m2
Plot/ground size600 m2
Number of stories:1
Number of rooms:3
Build year:1980
Purchase year:2020
Ground ownership:Privately Owned
State of the property:Very good
 rentels just move out a week ago
Language by owner / vendor:English (US)
Swap country:Puerto Rico

  • Property Location: Beach
  • Shop/Restaurants: 1 km
  • Medical Facility: 1 km
  • Public Transport: 3 km
  • Airport: 15 km
  • Nearest Airport: ponce international airport

Community fee per year :

Property tax per year : 387

Puerto Rico Santa Isabel Descalabrado

Swap country: Puerto Rico

Swap Value Range:
94,486 - 64,422
  • Residential Property

  • Villa/Single family house

  • 3 rooms

  • 3 bedrooms

  • 1,500 m2

  • 600 m2 Plot/ground size

  • Features
  • Garage
  • Outside Space : Terrace
  • Area : Near beach

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  • Residential Property
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